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Silicone mold for mini cakes

Silicone mold for mini cakes

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Chutné mini koláčiky do detskej rúčky. Skvele sa hodia aj na detské oslavy.


16 cm x 21,2 cm


Food-grade silicone of high quality.

Advantages of food-grade silicone:
- Non-toxic and odorless
- Does not contain BPA, latex, lead or phthalates
- Can be 100% recycled (at selected locations)
- It is light and saves space
- Made from a rich natural resource
- Highly resistant to damage, even at extreme temperatures
- Does not harden, crack, peel, crumble, dry out
- Keeps its shape, strength and structure
- Silicone waste is not dangerous


Brush the mold lightly with oil before using it in the oven.
Can be used in:
- microwave
- refrigerator, freezer up to -40°
- oven up to 230°

Care instructions

Dishwasher safe.
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