Awesome e-cookbook


Make your own quick, healthy candies, lollipops, chocolates, popsicles, and other crowd-pleasing treats at home.
Are your kids constantly begging you for sweets?
Do they pull at your sleeve in the store until a lollipop or chocolate egg lands in the shopping cart?
Do they plead they’ll do anything for just one small chocolate bar?
Do you bravely resist and then end up breaking down and buying them something anyway?
And when you don’t, do visitors stop by in the evening to surprise them with something?
This ebook will teach you to make popular sweets
at home
the healthy way,
so you can treat your kids with a clear conscience.
What will you find in this ebook?
✔️ 182 colorful pages

✔️  40 recipes for mouthwatering sweets, lollipops, chocolate, cookies, and popsicles made from 100% healthy ingredients

✔️  10 bonus recipes for decadent cakes that are actually good for you

✔️  Advice, tips, and inspiration from a certified children’s nutritionist

✔️ Plus kid-endorsed recipes for natural sodas, homemade ice creams, healthy puddings, nut butters, ladyfingers, fruit leathers, chocolates, and tempting baked goods.
All the treats your children adore. Just wrap them up in colorful paper, and everybody will think you bought them at the store!
Teddy bear cookies
Lovely Lollipops
Glorious Gummy bears
Yogurt and blueberry popsicles
You won’t find another book like this.
It’s one of a kind. No other book is this jam-packed with all your favorites at the store.

Your kids can help you prepare these homemade sweets. You won’t just enjoy healthy snacks together but build sweet memories that last a lifetime.

Make our cute and delicious teddy bear cookies, and you’ll be the best mom in the world. Or the star of the special occasion where you bring something healthy for a change 🙂 You’ll treasure the look on your kids’ faces when these baked goods come warm out of the oven.

Our story

The idea for this book came from two moms who were on maternity leave. The first of those moms was me. When my Peťka was still tiny, I didn’t give her any sweets at all. Those were great times. When we went to the store, she never asked for anything because she had no idea what all those sugar-filled snacks in bright wrappers were. Unfortunately this wonderful “sugar-free” era had an end-date: everything changed when Santa visited Peťka’s kinder before Christmas, and she got to try store-bought candies, chocolates, lollipops, and cookies galore. Of course, they all tasted awesome.
And then I figured it out.

I’d make sweets for our kids at home.
I contacted Katka Paulišinová, a brilliant certified child nutritionist, and the second mom of our story. Together we bought molds to make lollipops, candies, gummy worms, teddy bear cookies, and popsicles. Then we got hold of the best quality natural ingredients, including honey and unsweetened fruit juices. And we got to work.
Katka has created the 50 stunning and delicious treats you’ll find in this brand new book. There are easy-to-follow recipes for lollipops, candies, chocolates, pralines, popsicles, cakes, and other fun snacks, and all of them are healthy and chemical-free. These treats look and taste so good that if you put them in a box wrapped in colorful paper, everybody will think you bought them from a store. You can give these sweets to your kids with a clear conscience. Take some over to friends’ places, and you’ll score top points every time. Plus the fun you and your kids have preparing these recipes together will make for beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Check out the pictures in the book of my family and me preparing these tasty snacks!
Andrea Kováčová, author of the book

And this is us and our little helpers