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Silicone mold for popsicles


Contains mold, lid and sticks.
The molds can be stacked on top of each other.

Size: 9 cm x 18.5 cm,
Popsicle volume: approx. 35 ml

The mold is intended for the production of children’s popsicles .

The practical lid makes it easier to carry the mold. This way, you can stack stack several molds.
In the package you will also find cheerful sticks that will please your little ones when they eat a yummy popsicle.

With our silicone molds, you can easily make homemade popsicles. Simply pour the ice cream into the molds, cover and freeze. After freezing, the popsicles are easy to remove from the molds.

You can prepare fruit, yoghurt or cream popsicles. Making homemade ice cream is great fun for both children and adults.

They are made of food grade silicone, which is high quality, safe, durable, odorless and long lasting.

Shape and color

3 extra mallets, Dino + Flower + Bird (blue), Dino + Flower + Bird (pink), Peppa Pig (blue), Peppa Pig (pink), Pineapple + Melon + Mango (blue), Pineapple + Melon + Mango (pink), Popsicles 1 (blue), Popsicles 1 (pink), Popsicles 2 (blue), Popsicles 2 (pink), Set of 3 blue molds + Folding puzzle, Set of 3 pink molds + Folding puzzle

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Silicone mold for popsicles
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