• Healthy Homemade Sweets

Ebook Healthy Homemade Sweets


A cookbook jam-packed with healthy and delicious recipes.

All the secrets of making QUICK and HEALTHY candy, lollipops, chocolates, popsicles, and other crowd-pleasing treats.

  • 182 colorful pages of high-quality, healthy recipes for anybody with a sweet tooth
  • 40 easy recipes for candy, lollipops, chocolates, and popsicles you can make at home using only natural and nutritious ingredients
  • 10 bonus recipes for decadent mini-cakes that are actually good for you
  • Tips, tricks, and inspiration for creating a healthy diet for your kids from a certified children‘s nutritionist
  • Recipes for cool, refreshing lemonades made with fruit, flowers and herbs
  • Wholesome ice cream, healthy puddings, nut butters, chocolate eggs, and a mouthwatering array of baked goodies

All your kids‘ favorites can be made from nourishing ingredients.

Just wrap these treats in colorful paper and everybody will think you bought them at a store! 😊

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Healthy Homemade SweetsEbook Healthy Homemade Sweets
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